Ka’ar – Agent.

Ka’ar – Agent. 
In (indentured) service to the Omnissiah. 
Has a curious habit of appearing unexpectedly, even by the standards of an ‘Agent’.
Historically, Ka’ar has been recorded being involved in numerous expeditions across the eastern fringes of the galaxy. 
Often heavily supported and is attributed to having access to a suspiciously varied arsenal.
Infamous expert in sabotage, engineering and deconstruction.

I’m lucky enough to have just got this across to the fine folk at Iron Sleet in time to be included in the last wave of The Primogenitor Invitational.

Dvrk Imperivm Update 1.5

Writing by Inquisitor.andre

Artwork by cyber.fantastica & Icono.cybernetica

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Inquisitors Throne – WIP, Dvrk Imperivm.

I have slowly been working on the Inquisitors throne.

This was once a part of my Grand Empire & small Sisters Of Battle Armies.

It will be modified further before having its ‘Slaves’ added. These wretches are bound into service, forever more to draw the Inquisitor into battle.

For more of this collaborative project ‘Dvrk Imperivm’, follow the hashtag #dvrkimperivm on Instagram.

The 52nd’s Artillery takes aim!
++ Death Guard Centurion ++