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Ka’ar – Agent.

Ka’ar – Agent. In (indentured) service to the Omnissiah. Has a curious habit of appearing unexpectedly, even by the standards of an ‘Agent’. Historically, Ka’ar has been recorded being involved in numerous expeditions across the eastern fringes of the galaxy. Often heavily supported and is attributed to having access to a suspiciously varied arsenal.Infamous expert in sabotage, engineering […]

Corehammer interview – 2014

Raw Sorcery: An Interview with Tom Hubbard of Hang The Bastard Posted on August 31, 2014 by Nathan Bean I have known Tom Hubbard for a few years, initially by reputation only but our paths eventually crossed when our bands at the time (Rot In Hell and Wayfarer) shared some wax and stage time together. Tom now  sings […]


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